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Queen of the Crossposts!! Mwahahaha!!!


This is what I'm going to do some day! I WILL DO IT!! ALL SHALL LOVE MY ACTION FIGURES AND DESPAIR!!


MonkeeGirl4077: If I bought those Merry and Pip action figures, I'd go over the edge. I'd be like Jack on Will and Grace with his Cher doll...

"Did you just call them *toys*!?!?! Okay, *Barbie*, just back off before I release a can of Pippin whump-ass on you!" ::waves Pippin threateningly::

I'd be sitting at school, playing with them during class. ::high little scottish voice:: 'ello, Merry, do you want to go into Farmer Maggots crop and have him weild his sickle at us?

::Cute little English accent:: Of course, Pippin! I need a new carrot. I broke my old one!

::Teacher:: Uh...Laura...do you need to call home?

::Still as Merry, waving him around:: Don't insult my intelligence!! ::whips out tooth-pick sized sword and waves it around manically::

::Throws Pippin at the teacher with a cute little war-cry::

::Pip hits the teacher and falls on the floor::

::Merry:: PIPPIN!!! NOOOOOOO!!! ::Jumps out of desk (making Merry climb down the leg of it to reach the floor) and makes him cross over the him:: PIPPIN!!!! AHHH!!! WHY? TAKE ME INSTEAD!!!

::entire class backs out of the door slowly::

::whips out Aragorn action figure:: WE MUST GET HIM TO MY HO!

Er....I mean....Arwen.
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