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Sorry 'bout crosspostings...such thing as too many LotR communites? Nah...

New Year's Resolutions for LOTR characters:

Aragorn: I will wash my hair

Legolas: I will stop being the subject of practically every romantic fanfic on the Net

Boromir: I will know when to give up and die

Gandalf: I will tell people about danger /before/ it comes, not after

Arwen: I will stop looking so darned good in long dresses

Horses in the ford: We will not earn money by getting jobs in Guiness adverts

Troll: I will not get part-time jobs in 'Harry Potter' or 'Monsters Inc'

Black Riders: We will feed our horses Tunes because their throats are so sore.

Isildur: I will stick to the plot of the book and not be selfish, so I will only take one of Sauron's fingers, not the whole hand (sorry I took so long on that one, it's a subject I feel very strongly about - IS GOLLUM GONNA CUT OFF FRODO'S WHOLE HAND THEN MR JACKSON? EH? EH?)

The Uruk Hai: We will get ourselves a new make-up artist

Aragorn: I will stop being a pyromanic

Elrond: I will get myself a new hair stylist

Arwen: I will keep my hands of Aragorn and let every other girl have a turn

Gollum: I will get myself a new PR advisor

Sam: I will learn how to swim

Gandalf: I will cut my hair

Gimli: I will get myself a new hairstyle

Gandalf: I will get myself a new look

Saruman: I will get a life

Frodo: I will learn how to do another facial expression other than my 'Look-at-me-I'm-so-cute-and-scared' one

Merry and Pippin: We will stop following Aragorn's example of being pyromaniacs

Balrog: I will quit smoking

Uruk Hai: We will stop having Marilin Manson as our role model

Leoglas: I will share my shampoo with the rest of the Fellowship (Ever noticed how Legolas's hair is always perfect, while the rest of them look like they haven't washed their's for days? *coughAragorncough*)

Elves: We will learn the meaning of the word 'masculine' and then take appropriate action
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