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Fellowship of The Protein/Power Bar!

((Sorry about crosspostings...))

MonkeeGirl4077: Oh! I still have another protien bar I haven't eaten! ::evil gleam in eyes::
NaquadaBlood: Don't let the Bar tempt you, Frodo.
MonkeeGirl4077: But it cannot stay in the Shire!
MonkeeGirl4077: I must eat it for the good of Middle-Earth!
NaquadaBlood: Eat it and the Dark Lord shall cover all the lands in a second creepy darkness!
MonkeeGirl4077: But the hearts of men are easily corrupted and Isilador kept the ring.
MonkeeGirl4077: Er...I mean, and I'm eating the protienbar!
MonkeeGirl4077: MWahahahahaha!
MonkeeGirl4077: But first I must spit out my gum.
NaquadaBlood: No! Cast it into the Fire!
NaquadaBlood: ::despairs::
MonkeeGirl4077: ::Pippin-nod:: That's better.
MonkeeGirl4077: ::unwraps Protien Bar:: I cannot read the fiery ingredients. ::Cute doe-eyed Frodo look::
NaquadaBlood: AH! Give up the Power-Bar, she-elf!
MonkeeGirl4077: If you want it, come and claim it!!!
MonkeeGirl4077: ::Superiour girl-power look::
MonkeeGirl4077: Let us *use* the Power Bar for good!
NaquadaBlood: So you have elected the way of ... PAIN!!!
NaquadaBlood: Wait! Grr! RAWR!
MonkeeGirl4077: Urak-hai?
NaquadaBlood: Blurp Blurp! I'm the Cave Troll now, baby!!
NaquadaBlood: RAWR! Blurp! Gurgle!
MonkeeGirl4077: How about, "But you cannot *weild it*!"
MonkeeGirl4077: ::throws Gimli at cave troll in order to stop it and runs with the power bar::
NaquadaBlood: I will die before I see it in the hands of an elf! ::gets whacked by Gimli:: Oww... ::runs after Laura::
MonkeeGirl4077: ::Stops and turns around:: You shall not PASS!!! ::blinks:: Wait...you aren't trying to pass, are you? Uh...oops. ::runs some more::
NaquadaBlood: You will taste... Man FLESH! ((ew.. so perverted on so many levels. lets see.)) ..cause that happens to be what Power Bars are made of...
MonkeeGirl4077: Ewww....
NaquadaBlood: HA!
NaquadaBlood: </gimli>
MonkeeGirl4077: Strange how so many should suffer over so yummy a thing...::Evil, sneaky Boromir look::
NaquadaBlood: It could have been mine by a...
... ::can't remember rest of line so she jumps Laura:: Gimme!
MonkeeGirl4077: It's mine!! My one, my own, my precioussss....
NaquadaBlood: It's been called that before, but not by you...
MonkeeGirl4077: Well, usually I just call it 'Bob', but the occasion seemed...er...I mean...::throws Gandalf at Kate and runs again::
NaquadaBlood: Ow! A Big Grey Wizard With a Pointy Hat is on top of me! ::stuggles away:: Stop throwing Fellowship members at me! :::runs after her::
MonkeeGirl4077: You cannot weild it!!! ::Throws...:: Damn..out of non-cute Fellowship members!!! ::Stops short:: There is only one thing to do!!!
MonkeeGirl4077: ::Give the PowerBar to Pippin, who eats it::
NaquadaBlood: NOOOOOOO!!!! POWER-BAR!!!!
NaquadaBlood: ::flops onto rock and cries:::
MonkeeGirl4077: Pip: ::burps::
MonkeeGirl4077: MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
NaquadaBlood: ::shakes fist::
MonkeeGirl4077: MWAHAHAHA!!!
MonkeeGirl4077: ::Blinks:: Yep...that was interesting.
NaquadaBlood: :D And fun.
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