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How hard is it to learn Quenya? I've downloaded the course, and am scanning over it, but this isn't exactly French class. No teacher, no little worksheets. Just me hoping that I'm learning correctly. Has anyone else used this course before? If you have, how difficult is it? I realize it's an entirely new language, but it depends on how it's taught, how easy or not it is to learn something.
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Hey guys...

sorry if this is a bit off topic... but.. two questions....

1. Would there be any one out there that can think of a monolouge that Hermione Granger has in book # 1 (monolouge = long speech or a lot of phrases in a row) it has to be 100 words long at least but I haven't been able to find one.. .maybe I'm not looking hard enough.. PLEASE HELP!


2. Has anyone found like directions or anything to make a hp scarf? I want one for christmas and my grandma said she'd make it but I need to get her directions for it (knitting and what not... like length of each color and what not like that)


The One Question To Rule Them All

I suppose by now, a few months after I originally asked, we have some new fans, yes? Big, fat, important question.

I've read all 3 books. Fellowship twice, thank you very much. And I've seen the movie 10 times now (9 of which in the theater, once now that I've managed to find 3 spare hours in my schedule to watch my DVD). I am a sponge for useless facts.

But no one has, so far, been able to explain why Sauron needs the one Ring.

He's already got forces in his favor. He's already taking over the world without it. He's powerful. He's great, and mighty.

The best explaination I've gotten is that he wants a body.

Which reminds me: How exactly does not having the Ring keep him from having a body, and how does destroying the Ring bring his downfall?

Because, expert as I am on all of the useless stuff, apparently everything important has slipped past me. And everyone who can only answer that he wants a new body.
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This parody is freakin halarious! Though the little Frodo who's there while you wait for it to load is a *tad* annoying...

Definately the one parody...to rule them all! *snorts* (Um...yeah...just watch it so I don't sound so dorky when I say that...)
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hey all, i'm new to this community - you look great so far. i'm desperately looking for a downloadable copy of The Two Towers trailer that was released in theatres awhile back. lemme know if you can help? thanks you guys! :o)



Just an ickle update type thing. Bought Harry Potter on staurday at 9 in the morning...have watched an enjoyed many times since. Also time to put my deposit down for LOTR...August (so far away). At least the awful period of no Harry OR LOTR is over....HP will sustain me!! Hows everyone else coping?

Love and Huggles
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Sorry for X-posting, but it's very frustrating when you get Elrond's war-cry stuck in your head. But only when you have *no* idea what he's saying!!! >_<

Anyone know what he yells at the beginning during the big battle sequence?
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This is gonna sound stupid coming from someone who's read the Fellowship twice, the other books once each, and seen FotR 9 times, but I've been thinking about it for about a week and can't come up with an answer...

Sauron's got forces in his favor. He's got Orcs, Men...whole troops of almost every kind of race. And let's face it, they're kicking the ass of the good guys. Good guys are overpowered and dying.

Now here we have the Ring. Shiny, pretty, but why exactly would it matter if he got it back? Middle-Earth's already going bad anyway!

If you put it on, Orcs don't flock to you and say "How may I serve you, my lord?" You can't point it at people and say "DIE!" and have it happen...

Sauron's winning. Good guys are loosing.

How exactly does having the Ring give you any kind of advantage at *all*?

I feel stupid for not knowing, but it's weighing on my mind and I've got problems with not having the explaination.
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